About Us

DenverEditor.com Editors and Mentors
— Shonell Bacon, Linda S. Lane,
 and David A. Lane —
take their  work very seriously.

Your published work should

  • meet or exceed industry standards
  • appeal to a specific audience
  • stand out from the crowd of books that glut the cyberspace marketplace
  • meet all criteria for well-written academic papers/works

We make it our goal to help you create the best possible works. Learning to write well is a lifelong process, so our “help” includes teaching you the skills to make your work pop today and in the future.

In our impersonal age of the Internet, where people seldom meet face to face, anonymity creates a virtual workplace that can be both comforting and intimidating. We make every effort to address your comfort and your concerns as we work together to create a great finished product you can market with pride.

Our broad editing and mentoring skills extend into several genres and arenas:

• Fiction

  •      women’s fiction
  •      young adult
  •      fantasy
  •      science fiction
  •      historical
  •      humor
  •      mystery
  •      suspense/thriller
  •      romance (no graphic sex)
  •      western 
  •      literary

• Nonfiction

  •      biography/autobiography
  •      how-to
  •      essay
  •      cover letters
  •      academic
  •      history
  •      and more


We choose not to edit

  • graphic sex
  • extreme and/or detailed violence
  • supernatural, occult, or other demonic material
  • denominational religion
  • most profanity/expletives 

If your manuscript includes graphic violence, explicit sex, or profanity, don’t despair. We can—in most cases—show you how to broaden your book’s potential by reworking those scenes without losing their impact or their tension. 

We work with authors to strengthen their skills, overcome their weaknesses, and
broaden their reading audiences. Let us help you with your writing project.

We customize our services to meet each writer’s specific needs 
one size does not fit all. 

We strive to help every writer produce a powerful, well-written, marketable manuscript. Our mentoring staff, which has a combined experience of several years, devotes a significant amount of time to working with new writers, as well as helping more experienced authors who want the best in editing services. Our focus on decency in writing and our desire to help writers create powerful works that engage the reader from cover to cover are designed to raise the quality bar on family-friendly books.

Let us show you how we can help you create a
compelling, well-written, marketable manuscript.