Make that first impression count by 

  • Getting your manuscript professionally edited.
  • Winning your audience with your words.
  • Gaining recognition in your genre or as an expert in your field.
  • Taking your story smoothly and effectively from concept to completion.
  • Making your book outshine the competition.


Having your manuscript professionally edited is an essential stop on the road to creating a book that establishes you as a serious writer. Raw talent can express itself in your ability to understand and use written words to communicate, but that expression almost always needs to be fine tuned. The right editor can provide you with the exact tools to nurture the bud of your talent into a mature bloom.

Winning your reading audience with words comes with graduating from writer to wordsmith. This is an acquired skill. Our mentors, with their years of writing and editing experience, will teach you to take your story smoothly and effectively from conception to creation. 

Being recognized as a professional sets you apart from the crowd. With self-publishing and short print runs becoming widely available in 1997, myriads of books have since hit the shelves annually—and it’s much too easy to get lost in the shuffle. Our editors/mentors can help you gain the edge that raises your book head and shoulders above the crowd and sets you firmly on the road to becoming an author or expert others seek out.

With more than 700,000 books published in 2016 alone, it’s obvious the competition is fierce. How can you compete with the best and not get lost in that shuffle? For starters, to gain recognition and outshine the competition, your book must reflect excellence in presentation, content, and design.

Writing is an art form. Like a great sculpture, it needs to be shaped and molded with capable hands and carefully chosen tools to assure its safe passage from beginning to end. Our mentors help you find your voice, hone your expression, fine-tune your presentation, and bring your work to life.

One last thought: for the last several years, it has been rumored that the printed book is on a one-way road to extinction. Not so! In 2019, according to Publishers Weekly, 689.45 million books sold—that’s a lot of books.

Standing tall next to the best that are published should be the goal of every writer who aspires to make a mark as a professional author in any genre. We can help you gear your writing toward this goal.

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We Mentor Writers of

  • Fiction & nonfiction manuscripts that do not contain graphic sex, extensive/extreme violence, foul languagethe occult, derogatory or inflammatory material, or denominational religion
  • Web site content 
  • Letters and articles
  • Academic papers/masters’ theses/doctoral dissertations 

In Fiction and Nonfiction We Focus on

  • Hooking readers
  • Powerful content
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Creating great dialogue
  • Continuity and flow
  • Accuracy, possibility, believability
  • Good grammar


For Academic Papers, We focus on

  • Meeting academic requirements 
  • Appropriate content
  • Clear, concise writing
  • Continuity and flow
  • Proper grammar