Pricing for Editorial Work

Curious about what to expect from an editor?

Understanding industry pricing standard helps you plan ahead when investing in the production of your first (or next) book.

To help you get started, we recommend you visit the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) website, where you will find the table of standard rates we use for freelance fiction editing.

  • Our fiction rates are often lower than those recommended by the EFA, depending on the condition and needs of the manuscript. Still, we offer the same high-quality work you will receive from top-notch editors.
  • Nonfiction rates are based on the scope of the work.
  • Academic rates are based on the scope of the work.

Rates are based on each manuscript’s needs. How much work does it require? What kind of editing do you desire? How long is the piece? We will work with you as you decide what will help you make your work the best it can be. Please keep in mind that the industry dictates a firm 250 words per page regardless of actual count. 

Feel free to ask us questions or send a short sample of your work (up to 10 pages) would evaluation. From that we can determine whether we are the right editor(s) for your work and estimate a price range. If you would like us to edit your book or other writing, we will give you a firm price after reviewing the entire work.

For fiction books, we offer 10% discounts for seniors, CIPA members, and first-time novelists. We also run specials throughout the year—which will be applied in addition to the discounts listed above. Watch this site for dates and discounts.  

Nonfiction and Academic works are priced by one of our network editors who specializes in these fields.