Meet Our Mentors

Linda S. Lane, Developmental and Content Editor and Mentor

Some 25 years ago, writer and coach Linda Lane began editing professionally. With a strong sense of story and innate grasp of writing dynamics, she supports the author’s effort to create a noteworthy work while maintaining story and voice. 

Award-winning books she has edited include    
     • one accepted for nomination for a Pulitzer Prize,
     • one winner of the American Book Award, and
     • one second place in the National Writers Association Novel Contest.

Her extensive knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and effective word usage, as well as her understanding of the writer’s challenges, assures
     • proper structure,
     • vibrant content,
     • powerful connection with the reader,
     • a well-crafted work, and
     • the realization of the author’s goal for excellence in writing

The latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style is the guide we use to offer our clients the most updated grammar and punctuation edits to create a well-crafted, smooth read that never leaves the reader wondering what the author meant.

In addition to editing, she uses her years of experience to teach writers the tools of the trade that will save them thousands of dollars in editing fees throughout their writing careers. 

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David A. Lane, Information Editor and Proofreader

David Lane • Composition Editor and ProofreaderDavid Lane joined the editing team five years ago, bringing his male viewpoint and vast knowledge on a wide range of topics to our editing clients. A competent writer himself, he possesses a strong knowledge of punctuation and structure, as well as excellent proofreading skills.

David’s genius for musical composition flows smoothly into his ability to detect “sour notes” in story development and progression. Identifying elements that harmonize and those that cause discord are his specialty, and he uses this skill to help writers correct these problems when they occur.

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