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Linda S. Lane, Developmental and Content Fiction Editor 

Over 25 years ago, author Linda Lane began editing professionally. With a  strong sense of story and innate grasp of writing dynamics, she supports her clients’ efforts to create noteworthy works, all the while helping them to develop their story lines and maintain their voices. 

Award-winning books she has edited include    
     • one accepted for nomination for a Pulitzer Prize,
     • one winner of the American Book Award, and
     • one second place in the National Writers Association Novel Contest.

Her extensive knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and effective word usage, as well as her understanding of the writer’s challenges, assures
     • proper structure,
     • vibrant content,
     • powerful connection with the reader,
     • a well-crafted work, and
     • excellence in writing

The latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style is the guide she uses to offer fiction clients the most updated grammar and punctuation edits to create a well-crafted, smooth read that never leaves the reader wondering what the author meant.

In addition to editing the work, she uses her years of experience to mentor each writer, teaching him or her the finer points of story development and tools of the trade that can save thousands of dollars in editing fees throughout their writing careers. 

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What Linda’s clients are saying:
It has been educational, interesting, and fun to work with Linda on both my own writing projects and those of my clients. She has an amazing way of maintaining the author’s voice. At the same time, she has a tremendous gift of teaching good writing habits, creative options, and maintaining the integrity of the story. Just love working with her!
—Shannon Parish, IllustratingYou, LLC,                                                           

When I started working with Linda Lane, I had no experience as an author. She was open and candid with me when she explained that I had a gift for creating stories but needed help expressing my ideas on paper so they’d flow and draw readers in. Her assignments were challenging but fun. I loved my writing exercises—they really set the creator in me on fire. The difference between my writing before her coaching and my writing after her coaching is like night and day. I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to take his writing to the next level.
—Cathy Hayward, Author of The Readers

Linda Lane is a uniquely gifted writer and teacher. If she can teach me the concept of point of view, there is hope for anyone. She taught me how to tell the story while engaging the reader’s imagination. I also credit her tutoring for the improvement made in my prose by adding texture and color to the narrative.
—Glenn Kimbrough, Author of Day of Retribution and The Seasons of My Life

Linda Lane opened my mind to the technical needs of good prose and my heart to the passion of writing. Her respectful and encouraging mentorship style helped me to discover and develop my voice as a writer, to complete my first novel, and to begin my second. I will be forever grateful for all that she has shared.
—S.K. Randolph, author of The DiMensioner’s Revenge, The ConDra’s Fire
The Master’s Reach, The ComPanion, Jaredee’s Legacy, and more


Shonell Bacon, Academic, TV/Screenplay, and Non-fiction Editor

Shonell Bacon has been an editor and educator for over 20 years. She edits in a wide range of areas, including the following:

  • academic (dissertations, proposals, papers, theses),
  • fiction (multiple genres—from romance to sci-fi, from Christian to mysteries and thrillers),
  • non-fiction (academic, creativity, inspirational, self-help), and
  • trade (articles and studies for journals and magazines).

From 2014-2017, she served as a copy editor for the Society for Technical Communication’s (STC) academic journal Technical Communication, and in 2017-2018, she worked as an editorial assistant to STC’s magazine INTERCOM.

As an educator, Shonell has taught English and mass communication courses in the university setting. These include

  • Writing for the Media,
  • Management in New Media,
  • Writing for Public Relations,
  • Emerging Media Practices,
  • English Composition I and II, and
  • Advanced Grammar. 

Through these courses, Shonell taught various types of writing: academic, TV, radio, movie/screen, PR, fiction, and writing for digital spaces.

In addition to her work as an editor and educator, Shonell is an author of fiction and non-fiction; most of her works are published through her company ChickLitGurrl. Her latest book, Make Your Writing Bloom, is her first short work on writing; it’s designed to help writers reclaim the zest they lost for writing and get words on the page.

Shonell is a lover of grammar, mechanics, usage, introductions and conclusions, Works Cited and References pages, and organizing text to have the best impact on audience.

Her world is words.

To learn more about Make Your Writing Bloom, check out Amazon. (link for “Amazon”:

What Shonell’s clients are saying:
Over a six-year period, Shonell has edited 12 books and a dissertation for Bravin Publishing (BP), and not one person has offered a negative comment or complaint. She has shown herself to be an outstanding resource to the success of BP. She has been a true blessing to the company and to me personally as an author. Her keen eye and overt professionalism have become indicative of the work we provide authors here at Bravin. Tiffany and I recommend your services to anyone looking to have their work edited.
—Keith L. Belvin, author, founder, and owner of Bravin Publishing

Shonell Bacon has worked with NewSeason Books and Media on several book projects and is a brilliant editor. Her work is thorough and precise, and the feedback she gives is incredibly insightful. Our authors rave about how she makes their writing better; their work, stronger. We consider her part of the NSB family and look forward to working more with her in the future.
—Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts, founder and chief creative officer at NewSeason Books and Media

What I love most about her service is the evaluation prior to editing that she gives clients. It has not only helped my clients understand the writing process and how well their story is being told, but it also assists them in expanding their skills. Each book after their first edit with Shonell has much more meaning and depth, and that’s why we keep coming back. Her services are not only top-notch, but are also worthy of a value many of us could not pay. 
—Kai Mann, author, entrepreneur, inspirationalist

When Shonell Bacon edits your work, she makes it shine. She’s detailed and finds plot holes with the greatest of ease. If editing is a super power, then Shonell Bacon clearly has the strength of the Black Panther! I highly recommend her services.
—Cheris Hodges, Author – Reclaiming Her Heart, Strategic Seduction,
Deadly Rumors, Another Chance to Love






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